International Arabic House of Prayer
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The International Arabic House Of Prayer is a prayer ministry – The protestant churches fellowship in Egypt. Our goal as an institution is to organize and connect all evangelical organisations and spread the importance of the prayer movement in Egypt…See More

Our Mission:

*To serve all Arabic speakers around the world and especially in our region.

*To empower the prayer movement between believers and church leaders through the teaching of the word and prayer.

*To be dedicated to worship, prayer, and intercession all the time.

 We want equip the church to establish local prayer groups, as we believe that the fire on the altar should never die all around our cities and neighborhoods.


Our next step is to start the architectural drawings of the buildings and facilities. We aim to have these plans and drawings ready by 2020, which is also when we will start raising the funds for the project, so it can fully operate by 2025.

We are dreaming of building a complete area that will accommodate all the facilities required. For example, there will be different kinds of housing for families, students, or individuals who want to come and spend some time in prayer for a weekend. There will also be a main conference hall to host big events, as well as teaching facilities such as lecture halls, classrooms, and a library. And for practical reasons, there will be a dining hall and a coffee shop for refreshments and recreation.

This project will be gradually built, however, in the meantime, we already have a temporary building that can accommodate 30-50 people and a small prayer room that will soon be operating on a weekly basis so we can start hosting prayer groups in our soon to be International Arabic House of Prayer.

International Arabic House Of Prayer